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Jessica Williams

b. 1986, Anchorage (US/NO)

Jessica Williams is an artist based on Jeløya who works freely within the realms of publishing, photography, text, and new media. Through tragicomedy, language, and aesthetic assemblages, her work tackles personal and political themes such as identity and our relationship with nature and technology. Ultimately, her work aims to give form to that which we do not or cannot see. Williams was educated at the National Academy of Art in Oslo, Malmö Art Academy, and The Cooper Union in New York City. Her working methods are like those of a hunter/ gatherer, which is a nice way of saying she often works with trash. Everything from institutional language, mass-produced consumer goods, internet scraps, and physical debris finds its way into her work. She is also an avid collaborator, often involving others in her works. Between 2011-2014, she was the driving force behind the small press North, South, East, West (NSEW). Since 2012, she has regularly given talks and held workshops on self-publishing and Risograph printing. In 2016, she started producing printed works under the moniker Hverdag Books and in 2018 she co-founded Norsk Risoforening. Her work has been exhibited widely over the past decade, notably at Good Press, Glasgow (solo); KRETS, Malmö (solo); High Tide, Philadelphia (two-person); The New Museum, New York City; Art in General, New York City; Capricious Space, Brooklyn; Open Space, Baltimore, among others. She has also had solo exhibitions in Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger, Barcelona, and Austin, Texas. / Since 2012, she stopped making editions of her photographs except for on-demand. There is a large archive of newer images on her website. Don't hesitate to get in touch if there is an image there you would like an on-demand print of.

28 kunstverk

brush-off, dismissal, nix, pass,  rebuff
Soap collage
It me
Untitled (Jökulsárlón)
Shell array
Untitled (Los Angeles)
brush-off, dismissal, nix, pass, rebuff
balderbrå i plast
Untitled (Slow Moment)


Rambergveien, Moss, Norge
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