#263 Represented - Atelier

#263 Represented

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Størrelse84 × 64 × 5 cm
  • Maleri
This work is supposed to be installed to give the impression it has been accidentally forgotten and left in a somewhat secluded space. Language and visuality are tightly connected. Anything not adequately introduced to the symbolised universe is difficult to notice. It remains invisible in plain sight. We need to be able to express what we see to perceive it. Still, many or maybe most things exist outside this realm. We're aware of just a small portion of what we experience. These things still affect us, and we manoeuvre accordingly, but we do it unconsciously. Some things challenge our world view, and thus we reject them from being verbalised and brought to the level of consciousness. It particularly concerns the matter of privilege. In order of maintaining a system of privilege, the demands for equality from the marginalised remains unseen, or they are made invisible altogether. That's is why representation is key to a genuinely democratic society.
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