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#317 Call To Arms

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Størrelse64 × 84 × 5 cm
  • Maleri
I did this work by slamming my fist the wet filler 99 times, in a rhythm reminiscent of a heartbeat. To accompany it, I have written a poem. Listen to the beat They are few We are many The fruit of labour belongs to all We don’t have to cut the tree We just have to shake it The fruit will fall into our hands into our arms This is a call to arms For me, the work is about the power of the people and about something I call radical equality. It means that one takes the notion of every human beings equal value literally. To achieve this, a new economic system is required that ensures that everyone is compensated equally for their working hours - that labour seize to be a commodity and is lifted out of the market logic and given a fixed, universal price. There will not be possible to hoard wealth in such a system, but the surplus value that labour produces is distributed equally. I see it as an artistic task and privilege to think utopian and have formulated more about these thoughts at www.commensalism.org.
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