Upon myself, bending - Atelie

Upon myself, bending

kr 250

Størrelse14 × 21 cm
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Upon myself, bending — Risograph printed artist book Edition of 40 2017 Made during the residency project Don’t rest, narrate: Publication as a Site for Collectivization, hosted by PRAKSIS Oslo. This book is inspired by our work in Guttormsgaards Arkiv, and all residents — A,D,E,G,M,P,V; or Araiz Mesanza, Daniela Müller, Eva Funk, Gabrielle Paré, Maria Belic, Per Westerlund and Vika Adutova — as well as lead resident Iz Oztat and Praksis co-founder Nicholas Jones, produced publications which belonged as a series of nine. This experimental book Upon myself, bending, is my contribution. Book design by Gabrielle Paré. Price includes postage.
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